26 Nov 2019

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How do you apply your skin cream products & How Should you apply!

Thousand and thousand of times I have always on my mind, I do care about my face skin, I use the most natural products according to my age and type of skin, but are all of these effective? Do I apply them correctly? Maybe the softness is good but the hydration? And what about the wrinkles? 

So now in this post I am going to tell you all about, and no worries, because at the end we all are going to go old, but in the meanwhile we need not just to care about the skin of our face but love it, feel it and embrace it.

First of all lets start with the skin type according to age, as I am on my twenty eights and looking for trust information on the internet, based on brands like L'Oréal my most used face skin creams, I found that in between youngest ages and thirty's you should apply a very good hydration because at that age is so natural and fresh that you should take care of hydration and solar protection, then lets talk about after 27 I cared about my eye zone, so most nightly I apply some eye- cream and no so often at mornings. 

About the solar protection, is always my day by day although for some reason (that really is ridiculous ) possibly I forget to put my cream but never the solar protection, so I understood that most dark spots on the face that mostly appears at 27s are because of a solar highlight damage and then you know you start to see spots spreads on the face and freaking out! Really freaking out! Then I promised myself never ever left behind the solar protection, everything but this one!

Then... the wrinkles, well about the 30s this is going to be an attack of creams, they mostly appear after that time, but there is a secret and maybe no so secret for some of you. You know what? We are a portion of the percentage that makes this wrinkles appear on our face, and yes let says if you don't care your face skin, or the sunlight because of not using a SPF so yes the results are going to be bad, but now I am telling you about an extra, lets called 'ingredient" to the wrinkle formula.

Do you know that when you put your creams and creams haha you should not exactly massage it ? Because you are producing wrinkles in some areas at the massage timing when in some minimum parts of the face you aren't ?
So how you should apply your creams are just by tapping with your fingertips over your face, spreading all over with little massages, also by doing this with your solar protection you are going to really save product.

Have you know about this secret? If so then I hope to read some answers and if you have some secret to share write it too.