10 May 2020

 Morning Routine, Cleansing & Hydrating Face

Like silky sheets

I am not the kind of person that uses the whole line of a particular brand to clean up your face. So that is why I bring you here my recommendations for a soft and brilliant face.

By the morning, to cleansing my face I use one particular product that fell in love with and is from L'Occitane is the  nettoyant Moussant Foaming Cleanser with a 5% of Karite Shea, the texture and scent is like cream, and the sensation after washing my face is something I've never felt before. Just a little amount of the cleansing mixing in my wet hands and voila becomes into foam instantly after touching with water. 

After this first step of washing and cleaning rests of make up if I used it the day before, then I use a hydrating & moisturizing lotion from être belle, that does not contains alcohol  and gives you a refreshing and grooming face, refining and stabilizing the acid protection of the skin.

Next, I use hydrating cream from L'oreal the one that feels soft and lightweight, not even sticky when applying and drying.

Last but not least is the sunscreen, that particularly and I have a blog posted about this one, is the Hidrisage Pliance SPF 50+ but also I recommend for it softness, light scent and cream texture is the L'Occitane Reine Blanche Illuminating UV Shield SPF 50.

And by the end I use for my lips the Catrice Lip Treatment with Shea Butter, this will absolutely hydrate your lips with softest texture and nice smell