15 Apr 2020

My SEIKO gold watch with 14 mini diamonds 

This watch is absolutely stunning, the gold and diamond details are the thing to this watch. I also love the size of the watch as I have a tiny wrist, it looks perfect in dimensions and not smallest to watch the time.

I consider to wear the watch with any color, but as you already know black and white is elegant and always will suit.

The best thing about this watch is that it doesn't need a battery to be replaced, although it comes with a lithium battery but it will works with the movement of your hand and also with light specially solar light. 

                                         Women's Watch Tressia Diamond MOP Dial Yellow Gold Bracelet SUP330

In case you are considering to find a watch like this one, I totally recommend the Seiko, not only because it is a beautiful watch but also this is a machine that will last forever. 

Although in the market there are many options to take and I will give all the credits they deserved, but this kind of watch exceed my expectations. 

A Seiko watch as this special one comes with 14 mini diamonds you can see at the market in a value of $500.00 dollars, but at this one is not a latest model you can get for less.